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Current "Lost" theory:

In 1982 the UN discovered the island and used it as a base for research into life extension and mathematical prediction of the future.

The UN's aim was to develop a drug which would enable a test subject to travel through time.

The plane crashed due to the reversal of the earth's magnetic field - an event which wiped out much of the Earth's population. The survivors of flight 815 are the reincarnations of various Greek deities and the "monster" in the jungle is in fact a pissed-off giraffe.

There are two groups of Others. One group are genetically modified superhumans and the other are the descendants of the original inhabitants of the island.

"The incident" mentioned in the orientation film was an accidental nuclear explosion which contaminated much of the island and produced strange genetic mutations in the local plant and animal life and pressing the button every 108 minutes is just a test of faith.

Charlie is Hurley's imaginary friend.

The numbers are part of a mathematical sequence needed to communicate with extraterrestrials.

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